Types of Okuma Equipment:

Servo and Spindle Drives

BDU, BL-D, BLII-D, VAC III -- We service all types of Okuma brand servo and spindle drives!

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Control Panels & Monitors

OSP5000, OSP5020, OSP-P300 and more - we repair all control panels and monitors for Okuma machines!

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Okuma BL motor

Repair of all Okuma Motor models!

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We specialize in Okuma encoder repair. All models including: Incremental, Absolute, ER-HC7200D, ER-FC2048D, ABS-FB-D2048, ER-JC7200D, ER-JB7200D, ER-JD7200, ER-JG7200D and more!

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Power Supplies

Okuma power supplies including: OPUS5000 units, DC Power Supplies, 24V Machine Power supplies, all MPS & MPR Power Units and more!

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Okuma PCB

Send in for repair all Okuma PCB (Printed Circuit Boards), modules, cards, I/O, Axes, Control Boards, SVP boards!

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